“Mommy, are all Sand Pipes make believe?”

April 28, 2014 — Leave a comment

My regular readers are no doubt aware of my word recognition gaffe last week. You know, the one that caused me to misread a label that said “Fire Dry Standpipe” and go around telling folks I saw a “Fire Dry Sand Pipe” and then feeling dorky when upon finding out there is no such thing. (Who knew the absence of one teensy weensy little letter would be such a big deal?…)

On the positive side, the episode produced some levity: I had a good laugh; others joined me.

On the negative side, my brain just wouldn’t let it go. This imaginary entity, “Sand Pipe”, took on a life of its own up yonder in my grey matter. I regret to report to you that it became a mild fixation. (Being me isn’t as simple as it might seem on the surface.)

So today, in the spirit of free speech, free annual credit reports, and free kittens, I’m going to crack open the door into my alternatively wired mind and provide a glimpse of its meanderings when hyper-focused on the nonsensical, silly, or absurd…


Sand Pipe #1

Sand Pipe Weapon


Sand Pipe #2

LKD Sandpipes


…and Sand Pipe #3

smokless piper


Okay, now maybe my brain can get back to the business of actually doing my life.

I hope.

(Thank you for your sympathy. Feel free to light a candle, recite a prayer or send positive thoughts — but just those that are as straight and sober as possible, so as to minimize my chances of getting caught in another loop of random silliness…)

Good day, good luck, and good vibrations.

Over and out.


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