I’ll get you, my pretties… and your little dog, too

October 31, 2013 — 4 Comments

[Alert: the following post contains ridiculous levels of groan-worthy one-liners. Proceed at your own risk.]

The other night I was riding in the car with my husband and No. 2 Son. I was planning to write when I got home, so the topic of Tuesday’s post was on my mind.

“Crime and Punishment is the title of the Dostoyevsky novel, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” came their answer, in unison.

“I thought so. Thanks.”

“Why? You gonna blog about it?”

And before I could either confirm or deny, they were off and running.

“I suppose you could call a post on “Crime and Punishment” a flog blog, huh?” The two of them burst into guffaws that reverberated in the car. And when the laughter ebbed slightly, the other shot back.

“And I suppose if you asked a Muppet to guest post then that might be a Kermit the Frog blog.” More hilarity. At a high volume.

“And if you write while drinking a holiday beverage, I guess that would be an eggnog blog!” Like a couple of fools at a slot machine, they kept dropping in coins and spitting out silly rhymes. (This is but a sample of the kind of support I receive as a blogger from my immediate family…) 

“Wait, wait… how ’bout this one?” they continued. “If you post about plumbing problems, could it be called a clog blog?

There was no stopping them — I would just have to hunker down and wait it out. Eventually they would run out of steam, right? Somewhere amidst the knee-slapping ruckus, I think I made a half-baked threat that though they might be yucking it up at the moment, they would pay for all the fun they were having at my expense.

When I got home I knocked out a post and pasted the title “Crime and Punishment” on it. Then at work the next day I was grousing, tongue-in-cheek, to my writing buddy, Mark.

“Ya just can’t count on family for no kind of support, can ya?”

Tell me about it.”

“Those two just couldn’t seem to stop poking fun at me and my blog.”


“Gonna out ’em in a post?”

“I could. I told ’em I’d get ’em back eventually.” I rattled off the list of corny one-liners I’d heard in the car. And to my surprise, my buddy caught the wave.

“No, no… Linda…if you post during the holidays, you’d have to call it a yule blog!” Sigh. Et tu, Mark?


In that same spirit of jocularity and mirth, I shall share a few of my own, and then bid you, my good-natured and amenable readers, to add to the list throughout the day. (Don’t let me down, here, okay?)

Game on.

  1. A post written in a trench coat: a London Fog blog.
  2. A post written while traveling in the Czech Republic: a Prague blog.



4 responses to I’ll get you, my pretties… and your little dog, too


    Written in a depression would be a slog blog…


    If you were into the book of Revelation and the end times you would write about …Gog and Magog Blog (Revelation 20:8)

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