A List of 30

October 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Believe it or not, Zero to Sixty in Five’s author has managed to stick with it long enough to accumulate 30 posts! In spite of the fact that follow-through is not her long suit. In celebration of this uncharacteristic doggedness, she has decided to take a momentary break from the typical story format to share a random list of 30. In no particular order…

  1. I rode Amtrak for the first time this summer. Liked it, I did.
  2. Cicadas are immensely fascinating, but how in the world do they know when it’s time to come out?


  3. The hardest part of cleaning out the refrigerator is deciding to do it. Once I get started, I actually get into it.
  4. Ever notice that’s true with lots of things?
  5. But it is definitely NOT true of caring for multiple members of your family when a stomach virus visits, which never translates into fun.
  6. I like purple and orange together. Mostly in sunsets.
  7. My twenty-year-old daughter used the word “vetted” in a sentence yesterday. I only learned what that word meant a couple of months ago. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.
  8. Why don’t people tell me when I have lines of tiny black dots above and below my eyes because I squinted before my mascara dried?
  9. I wonder if my friends’ eyesight is deteriorating at the same rate as mine.
  10. When thanked, I find perverse pleasure in replying with the currently unfashionable “you’re welcome” in lieu of the more universal reply, “no problem.”
  11. Does anyone else think “have a nice rest-of-your-day” is a strange salutation? (I’m hearing it more and more lately…)
  12. Claw foot bath tubs are fabulous.clawfoot_tub_image
  13. Can a mother be trained to stop stating the obvious to her grown children as if they were still in grade school?
  14. I could listen to Broadway show tunes all day.
  15. Unless my husband loops one of the tracks over and over and over and over…
  16. I know and love people who would run for the hills if they thought I was going to inflict an entire day of Broadway show tunes on them.
  17. If I get really quiet I can hear the kitty breathing. (She lies next to the door in my workspace watching me while I write.)
  18. Kitties make great heating pads.
  19. I feel proud of myself for remembering to silence my phone before a meeting.
  20. I wonder what would it take for me to remember to un-silence it after meetings.
  21. Live theater is something I never get tired of.
  22. Have you ever lost a phone connection with someone, then each of you calls the other back at exactly the same time and neither call get through?
  23. How long do you wait before you try again?
  24. Are there any rules for this weirdness?
  25. In the middle of the night, I love turning my pillow over to the “cool” side.
  26. I’m trying to learn Swahili, which is much more phonetic than either English or French.
  27. Learning what floats other people’s boats floats my boat.
  28. Meryl. Streep. Is. Phenomenal.meryl-compressed
  29. Having brothers helped me raise three boys without being freaked out by their derring-do.
  30. Sometimes I hear the admonition, “Don’t get your hopes up.” I believe hope is precisely for “getting up.” Especially when things look bleak.

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