“Hey, Mark…”

August 18, 2013 — 8 Comments

“Hey, Mark… I’ve been thinking lately I could blog about the first six decades of my life and call it Zero to Sixty. But that sounds too much like high performance car stuff. It needs something. Any ideas?”

“Call it Zero to Sixty in Five.”

“But that’s still the same thing, isn’t it?”

“No, actually, it’s the title of this really great song by Pablo Cruise. And wouldn’t people be able to read your posts in five minutes or less?”

“Well, yeah… I guess so.”

“That’s my two cents’ worth.” As he left my office and headed back to his own, I realized I had only a fuzzy recollection of Pablo Cruise and no idea how much web content would equal five minutes’ worth.

  • Turns out Pablo Cruise was the band’s name, not a performer. I think I knew that. Also turns out I’m familiar with their big hits — cranked the volume up riding in the car back in the day. Just checked out Zero to Sixty in Five on YouTube: very cool song, indeed.
  • Since five minutes is an eternity on the internet and you get about ten seconds to capture a reader’s attention, I think I’ll aim for somewhere in between. They say if a reader’s still with you at 30 seconds the odds really go up that he’ll continue reading. (Which is right about… now.)

So here’s to finding out what the past six decades of my life will divulge.

And by the way, Mark, I liked your two cents’ worth.

P.S.  My husband just wandered by, snack in hand, so I asked him to read my draft. “You should add this line from Any Given Sunday: ‘A minute in football is an eternity.’ Maybe that way guys’ll read your stuff.” He’s always been real helpful like that…


8 responses to “Hey, Mark…”


    Great start, Linda. I think I shall share this around a bit…


    i like it. and in truth, a minute in basketball is an eternity, but of a whole different kind. wait – a minute in basketball is actually like being in limbo. it never ends.

    and i’m a girl. 🙂


    She’s off and running …


    …and it appears to be a distance race…

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